Engineering Service Mustalammi
Mr. Markku Mustalammi
Hämeen Härkätie 2042
FIN-14300 Renko

e-mail: Markku Mustalammi

Machine design for production engineering and
manufacturing industry since 1984

Engineering Bureau Mustalammi (Insinööri-toimisto Mustalammi) has been established in 1984. All the time the activities have been carried our by one man, Mr. Markku Mustalammi.

A wide customer base consists mainly of companies within the production engineering industry. The good relationships and trust with customers are main cornerstones of operations.

The company has concentrated solely in planning and design of tools, methods and machinery. The used design tool is Inventor 2010 , and the design and engineering mode is 3D (3 dimensions).

With our partners we can also take care of manufacturing of tools and machinery if needed. Our main goal is to offer competitive services in a flexible way and in a good co-operation with our customers.
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